Help Withdrawal



  • does not yet have the ability to cancel subscriptions on the web screen.
  • If you wish to cancel your subscription, please change to a FREE plan.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Delete the GROWI application
  • Delete GROWI apps created on from the administration screen.

  • If you have multiple organizations, delete the apps from all of them.

    ※ Be sure to delete the GROWI app before downgrading to the free plan. If you change to the free plan before deleting the GROWI app, your page information will be made public if you are using it as a private wiki. :::

  1. Downgrading to a Free Plan
  • Please downgrade to a free plan on the "Change Plan" page.

  • You can change your plan on the administration page.

Cancellation Policy (Notes)

  • Cancellation (withdrawal) of recurring payments can be performed by the customer.

  • If you do not cancel (withdraw) your subscription, you may incur damages if you interrupt or leave the service while you are still subscribed to a paid plan.

  • Please be sure to read the following precautions.

Payments Incurred Due to Failure to Cancel a Recurring Payment

If a charge is incurred to a registered credit card without cancellation (withdrawal), no refund will be made.

  • If a credit card is registered, the monthly (or yearly) usage fee calculated based on the information during the contract will be automatically deducted from your credit card.