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Rate Plan fee system is fixed monthly, not a pay-as-you-go system.

Therefore, even if the number of users increases, the fee will not increased if the maximum users not exceeding each plan limit.


Max user

per app

Number of apps1

Max user

per app

Number of apps2

(Up to 2 can be added at 1,650 php/app)


Max user

per app

Number of apps5

(Possible to add as many as you want)

Multi User Edit
Create Diagram
Single Sign-on
Integrated User Management
(Keycloak Limit Number)
Priority Support
BackupDaily 3 Generation
Hourly 24 Generation
Daily 3 Generation
Hourly 24 Generation
Weekly 4 Generation
Daily 3 Generation
Hourly 24 Generation
Storage Capacity100MB100MB20GB
Action type
that can be obtained in audit logs
4 Types50 Types 〜100 Types 〜
Log retention period
that can be obtained in audit logs
1 Month3 Month6 Month

Convenient Payment
Optional Service


Add more apps


Increase storage

Free Trial
Download Docs (FREE)
For Personal

These are plans that reduce the functions of
and provide it at a reasonable price for small-scale individuals.

Fee₱ 0/ Month₱ 150/ Month₱ 285/ Month₱ 400/ Month
User Account count25 user1 user2 user3 user
GROWI app count1 app1 app1 app1 app
SLO-~ 99.4%~ 99.4%~ 99.4%
Private wiki-

※Plans in the table are for personal users only. Corporate customers should use the corporate plans.

Click here to see Japanese plans

Functions and Features of
In addition to Markdown and rich text editors, diagrams and tables creation are also supported.

It is also possible to write diagrams and table notation on the operation screen, so it can be handled as a one-stop shop.

* The detail in the image uses draw API

Automatic recording of change history
with real-time simultaneous editing by many people

In addition to real-time simultaneous editing by many people, editing history is automatically saved, and the history can be viewed.

Full-text search for files, text, etc.

Full-text search is supported, including various uploaded files and text.

Fixed monthly fee

No worry to sudden users increasement, you don't pay per user.

To provide a simple permission settings,
app can be launched with a few clicks

It is possible to launch the wiki for specific people with a few clicks. Example for management authority, such as viewing and editing only for sales and accountant.

Supports various authentication methods
such as LDAP/OAuth/SAML

By linking with various authentication functions, it supports single sign-on.